Wealth Management

What Is Wealth Management?

Wealth Management is the process of investing capital into a portfolio of assets in search of returns greater than could be obtained by taking no risk. The returns achieved will clearly impact the success of your overall financial plan. It is important to balance the risk and return relationship and to consider the cost of investing.

Risk Tolerance & Preferences

The first stage in a disciplined investment process involves gaining a clear understanding of your attitude to investment risk. In order to do this accurately, and to ensure your portfolio’s risk is aligned to your risk tolerance, we use a sophisticated risk tolerance profiling system.

Investment risk and return are inextricably linked. Together, we will consider your risk profile in the context of both your return expectations and your required return, before implementing your investment strategy.

Evidence-based Investing

At Trident, we believe the key to a successful investment strategy involves a disciplined process.

Our investment approach is based on decades of academic research and not on investment fads or flashy promises.

Our portfolios are constructed and managed with the following characteristics;

Diversification, achieved through the effective combination of investment assets is critical to the success of an investment strategy.
Higher expected returns, identified by research as persistent over time from securities sharing certain characteristics, will be captured.
Investment costs will act as a drag on your returns. Costs are something that can be controlled and at Trident are minimised, controlled and disclosed in full.
Discipline and control will win over emotion, when investing towards long-term goals.

Portfolio rebalancing on an annual basis will keep the strategy as intended and control risk and expected returns.​

In summary, our aim is to manage your money in an educated, efficient and low-cost manner to try to achieve the best, reliable returns possible, commensurate with the level of risk taken.

At Trident, we will arrange and manage your portfolio through a facility known as a Wrap platform, where appropriate. This is an administration facility enabling different products and investments to be held and viewed in one place.

This can help streamline your wealth management strategy, reduce costs, improve reporting, and assist with on-going management and rebalancing of your portfolio.

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