Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is a process, which will enable you to optimise the management of your finances in order to meet your financial goals and lifestyle objectives. It provides focus and direction to the management of wealth and brings clarity to the impact of one financial decision on another.

The financial planning process encapsulates the three phases of wealth management, namely; accumulation (growth phase); decumulation (income phase); and wealth distribution to beneficiaries (during lifetime and/or on death).

At Trident, we take a holistic ‘big picture’ view of your financial situation and goals, and then design, implement, and monitor a bespoke strategy that is right for you. To us, this is true financial planning.

Your Profile

The starting point is an information gathering exercise so that we can build a profile for you, including your personal and family circumstances and your current financial situation.

Financial Analysis

It is vital that we understand your goals and objectives so that we can help you achieve them. At the same time it is important that we establish and understand your attitude to risk and any preferences or constraints that you may have.

Your Goals, Objectives & Preferences

This is the stage at which we analyse the data gathered in the first two steps and identify any gaps between your current position and your financial goals.

Production Of Your Financial Plan

Your bespoke financial plan will incorporate the analysis undertaken, a review of your existing arrangements, and our recommendations designed to help achieve your financial goals.

Implementing The Plan

At this stage, we will agree an action plan and implement agreed actions.

Monitor & Review

To be effective, a financial plan must be reviewed at regular intervals and modified as appropriate. The aim of the process is to help you attain your financial goals and desired lifestyle.


Strategic Partners

At Trident, we appreciate that clients may have a requirement in one or more areas of financial planning in which we do not specialise. Such areas may include:

In such circumstances, and where you do not have a relationship in place, we can suggest professional partners who will meet your requirements, including Accountants, Solicitors and Mortgage Advisers. We will be happy to provide the appropriate details, make introductions, and hold joint meetings, as necessary.

Trident’s strategic partners have been selected on the basis of their quality, professionalism, expertise and levels of service.

We receive no monetary benefit from such arrangements or from any introductions made. Instead, we are passionate about providing the best possible service to our clients.

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